Full Circle

I brought to you this theme on "Materialism" as it is a subject of varied forms which will become one of the dominant impulses in the 21st Century, not just as being materialistic but as in materialization- as the world gets more networked, open, globalised and democratic with the coming of the internet era that every individual manifest themselves in materiality.

Sunday, July 30, 2006

Full Circle

When will a full-circle ends?
You know that the solar system moves round and round.You know that all the planets in the solar system moves round and round.Everybody know that time moves on round and round but do everybody really know for certain that this world has reached its end.That everything will suddenly stop and we will NEVER know what will happen after that.

We see that everything in this world continue to make changes in time.We see new upgrades, new versions, always something new and better for us.But there is one particular pin-point spot in this world, in South-east Asia that idolise this word-' upgrades' like their own God! Every now and then, you will hear something will be upgraded to make their lives very comfortable and enjoyable.From the smallest portable techno-gadgets like handphones, it can be their homes, cars, office-building spaces and the largest of them all - a whole piece of land!

You know how the ancient people use scrolls to write on for every kind of knowledges and how the government administrations write laws and messages to their people.When reading the scrolls, one has to roll it out to see what new items are written on it.When we say new items, it can also mean new upgrades and new versions.That when every scrolls has already been opened, it will only mean everything has suddenly stopped!

So now we know that A Full Circle Will Stop!

Upside down situation
We know that in the stone ages, the men and women wear little clothing on them.We know that in the middle ages, the men and women are over-clothed.What we see today is that, the women especially, prefer to put on little clothes on them.In the beginning during the stone ages, men and women DO NOT HAVE underwears.Then in the middle ages, the men and their women PUT ON TO FLAUNT their underwears.Today, especially the women, DO NOT WANT to put underwears.We see also women with 'Tudong'- those who say they are Muslim examples in the Muslim majority countries of South-east Asia who wear little clothes on them saying that they are only following the fashion trends and modern ways.When they should obediently adheres NEVER to show the figure of their bodies, bare their shoulders, chests, arms, waists, stomachs and belly-buttons and thighs.When they can be seen being close to a man who is not their lawfully wedded husband, to show their amorous love to the public, holding hands and touching each other's body.

When one knows by logic that if something that holds everything is put upside down, then everything on it will fall to the ground and crushed to an unimagineable forms.Like woman, at the beginning is a SIGN OF BEAUTY AND LUST for man but at the end, is a SIGN OF FINAL DESTRUCTION as well.